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Real Homebuyers of Rio Verde, AZ - The Dodys

N Marie Crumbie, Founder


Feb 5 7 minutes read

Real home buyers found their dream home in Rio Verde, AZ while living in another state. You will never guess how they did it!

We met the Dodys a few years ago. They lived in Denver, CO and visited Fountain Hills, AZ often. When we met, they were working with another Realtor to find a short-term vacation rental in Fountain Hills, AZ and weren't looking to buy right away. They wanted to rent a home in Fountain Hills while they looked for a home to buy in the near future. When we met they inquired about our services. We explained the premier services we offer and how we go above and beyond for our clients. They made the choice to work with us! 

The Rental

While they were in Arizona we showed them available rentals. When they returned to Denver we continued to search for homes in Fountain Hills. Vacation rentals get rented very quickly, and we knew it would have been a challenge for them to find a rental they wanted if they only viewed properties when they traveled to Fountain Hills. Even though they couldn't be in Arizona to see the homes in person, we had a plan! We went to see many properties and did a live video walk-thru of the properties so they could view them from Denver! After viewing many rentals, we found one they loved in a beautiful Fountain Hills community called "The Club at Fountain Hills." It was a very spacious, nicely furnished condo. Amenities included a sparkling pool and on-site laundry facility. The perfect place to live when they traveled back and forth from Denver.

We were able to get them into the short-term rental they wanted in Fountain Hills, AZ while they were still in Denver!

The Home Search

When they returned for short visits to Fountain Hills staying in their new rental, we started on a new mission, this time to find them a home to purchase! I asked about their goals and must-haves. With their answers, I helped them gain clarity on the most up-to-date process of buying a home, their many options, and where we would begin! Looking for a new home is one of the most exciting and the most stressful time in life. I loved sharing my knowledge about the Arizona market, communities, locations, and informing them of what the process of buying a home while predominately living in Denver, CO would be like. Most importantly, I let them know that I would help them through every step to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

They were looking for a 2 Bedroom 2 Bath home in Fountain Hills in their set price range. Again, we searched and viewed homes on their behalf, practicing our white gloves service of "live" walk-thru video showings while they were back in Denver. We exhausted our search in Fountain Hills and at that time couldn't find anything in their affordable price range. We searched homes for sale on the MLS, available listings from agents in our market, and off-market listings to no avail. They started looking in Sun City, a town over an hour away. We knew they didn't really want to go that far so we they agreed upon Rio Verde, a neighboring town of Fountain Hills. It's very similar to Fountain Hills in demographics, and it's aesthetically pleasing and more affordable. 

The Maybe...

We started our search and soon found a home that had phenomenal views. Unfortunately, it was overpriced with some irregular room shapes and sizes, which would render it very difficult for furniture placement. It also needed a few costly repairs. Despite its shortcomings, it was a beautiful home with phenomenal views. They considered putting some of their wants and needs aside and submitting an offer. We knew exactly what they were looking for and how important their must-haves were. We didn't want them to submit an offer on a home that didn't adequately meet their needs. More importantly, we didn't want them to make a bad investment and not be very happy in their new home. 

Our Team believes in providing “service beyond the sale.” Working with our clients is about more than a closing a deal. It’s about guiding them through the major life event of buying a home and finding the best outcome for them. We went over things they need to look for before buying a house. We explained what makes a good investment. We discussed how the home was overpriced, how much the cost of renovations would be, and how the room shapes and sizes were not functional long-term. We suggested they keep looking. 

The One!

Then, a few weeks later the perfect property in Rio Verde had a price reduction. We were the first ones in there to view it. Among the homes for sale in Rio Verde, this one met all of their needs! It was a gorgeous 2 Bedroom 2 Bath home with an extra room that would be perfect for Mary's home office. The house is in a great neighborhood that has a good history of appreciation. We had been looking for quite a while and knew exactly what they were looking for. When we saw this one we knew instantly, "this is the one!" We urged Joe and Mary not to wait until they come to AZ to view it, that instead, we would provide a video walk-thru for them. They loved the "live" walk-thru video showing. We suggested they submit an offer immediately, then head to AZ at their earliest convenience to view the house in person. We knew this property wouldn't stay on the market long, and if they waited, the property would more than likely be in contract to purchase by another buyer. 

Their offer was accepted! They bought the home they had been waiting for. The best part is, they got the house fully furnished! A saving of approximately $10k they would have spent on new furniture!

In the end, Mary and Joe told us how much they appreciated us looking out for their wants and needs and discouraging them from settling for the house with the view. They said they never thought they would have bought a home without seeing it in person, but the outstanding service and client care we provided ensured they could trust us. They accepted our recommendation to submit an offer "sight-unseen", and they are so happy they did!

Mary and Joe were kind enough to write this testimonial after working with us.

"We would not have our new home if Paul and N'Marie were not on top of this sale. Paul toured the home and we made an offer from his recommendations. If we had not moved on this home, we would have lost it as they had offers come in after we signed the contract. We also were so impressed by how Paul got us everything we needed done in the contract we signed at a price that seemed really fair. Both Joe and I highly recommend this wonderful team. We are so impressed by their skills and talents finding us just the right home for us".

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