As you roll forward, the door slowly opens and the garage space advances closer and larger, then suddenly it hits you: the approaching dull and dusty concrete floor. It's the weekend and your relaxation plan just took off with a broom, a dustpan, and cleaning cloths. 

The only thing that could make this scene any better is you pulling into your new home garage with a nicely finished epoxy floor.

You see, when you enter the garage of this beautiful Scottsdale home, you'll want to have a table and a chair ready with super-cool refreshment waiting for your man-cave or a she-shed tinkering time. Throw in all the extra storage spaces, and you've got your very own private getaway for some "me" time.

Along with these relaxation opportunities, buying this Scottsdale home with epoxy finish garage floor offers a number of advantages. From reduced-dust healthy living to higher home values, it just makes sense to buy a home with an epoxy finish garage floor that is ready for you to enjoy when you move in.

Here's why I recommend this home that already has epoxy finish garage floor. 

Just in case you're thinking about buying a home without epoxy finish garage floor and then dealing with the hassle of adding an epoxy floor covering later or paying a contractor to get it done, you should likely consider the cost and how long will it last. 

There are low-end and top of the line items accessible for epoxy solid floor coatings. Better materials list better lifespan, appearance, non-slip execution, and everything else you need. In any case, it's not just about spending more cash. It's likewise about applying an epoxy floor covering accurately. This can be very labor intensive and time-consuming.

The prep work could consume your entire weekend and weekdays as the floor has to be cleaned, and may need to be sanded. Existing splits and chips ought to be repaired before applying the epoxy. You may need to apply different layers: For a solid bond and best outcome, you require multiple layers, including a top-coat to shield the epoxy from scrapes and scratches.

Read the fine print on epoxy floor coatings at any hardware store, and you'll see there isn't any sort of guarantee on the majority of them either. They promise long-lasting results, but let's be real, who decides what long-lasting means? 

Some homeowners who buy a home without the garage floor epoxy finish find out relatively quickly that their DIY epoxy floor covering endeavors can turn into a do-it-again project every few years after it starts cracking, chipping, and peeling. They also discover that the high cost associated with hiring a contractor for the job is not worth the hassle of buying a home without an epoxy finished garage floor.

Read more about why epoxy is a premier garage floor coating. 

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