Fountain Hills is a great place to hike. There are a number of hiking trails available in different areas that can be enjoyed winter, spring or fall. The local hikes give you diverse landscapes and trails like that of the beautiful Sonoran Desert with scenic views, open vistas rugged geology and plenty of floral scenery.

Dixie Mine Trail is northwest of Fountain Hills and is a 2.5-mile hike to the abandoned mine in the foothills of McDowell Mountains. The trail features Classic Sonoran Desert Views. You get fantastic views of the McDowell range up close when you reach the Dixie Mines. You also get views of the great valley between McDowell and Mazatzals.

Butcher Jones Trail is a beautiful but often busy trail that follows the shoreline of the Saguaro Lake. The trail starts at the Butcher Jones Beach and climbs several hundred feet above the lake and then comes back down to several areas where one can enjoy fishing, camping, picnics or just plain walks by the lake.

Sunrise Trail is a short but steep trail that gifts hikers with amazing views of the whole valley as well as Fountain Hills. The trail begins at a parking lot area and steeps up in a canyon behind rows of houses. It then leaves the homes behind and becomes a challenging climb in a quiet boulder filled canyon.

Lake Overlook Trailour favorite, is a one-mile hike around Fountain Park offers fabulous views of the Fountain, Red Mountain, Four Peaks, and McDowell Mountain as well as Fountain Hills. This hike is a beginner hike and leads you through some of Fountain Hills awesome neighborhoods. This hike is best done in the morning, the sunrise views are SPECTACULAR!
Horton Creek is found below the Mogollon rim around 20 miles east of Payson. It is best to use this trail during the warmer months. The trail climbs along Horton Creek up to Horton Springs. Large boulders abound to provide rest stops and scenic views cover all directions.

Enjoy hiking, camping, hunting, horseback riding, off-road biking and 4-wheeling, professional baseball, football, golf, kayaking, local fairs, and much more desert exploration.